As discussed in Section 2.3 (Purpose and Need for Project), the proposed Project is proposed as a long-term, reliable energy source for San Francisco. It is expected that the Project would be an integral part of San Francisco's energy supply for the foreseeable future. Project facilities would be maintained and/or replaced, as necessary, to allow for safe, reliable operation in the long term. The project is designed to have a useful life of at least 40 years. Upgrades and refurbishments would be expected to be accomplished to extend the life of the Project well past that time. Once the Project reached the end of its useful life, project facilities would be decommissioned in accordance with applicable regulations in place at that time. In the event that the Project is eventually decommissioned, it is currently envisioned that the submarine and onshore-buried cable segments would be abandoned in place. It is also envisioned that the converter stations in San Francisco and Pittsburg would be removed and the sites would be prepared for the subsequent land use appropriate for each site at that point in time.

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