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To Report Illegal Dumping or Spills contact: (925) 252-4963

Volunteer Opportunities & Events:

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Kirker CreekThe Great Pittsburg Cleanup!

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Contra Costa Water Program

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Professional Landscaping Practices

City of Pittsburg Clean Water Program

As a member of the Contra Costa Clean Water Program we are keepers and protectors of the watershed and are governed by the City’s National Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) permit. The NPDES permit limits and controls the types and amounts of pollutants entering our waterways to keep them safe and clean.

Our Program includes:

  • Public Outreach and Education
  • Oversight of New Developments
  • Illicit Discharge Inspection and Response
  • Trash Load Reduction
  • Heavy metals and Legacy Pollutant Controls
  • Street Sweeping
  • Storm Drainage Cleaning and Maintenance
  • Creek Clean Up and Protection

For detailed information on the NPDES Program, its background and history, and co-permittees, please visit the Contra Costa Clean Water Program's webpage

Stormwater and Storm Drains

Storm drains are used to collect rainwater and divert it, untreated, back into nature in order to keep our streets safe from flooding.  STORM DRAINS DO NOT CONNECT TO THE SEWER SYSTEM. Everything that goes into a storm drain flows directly into our delta and effects our drinking water and native wildlife. That is why it is so important to keep our storm drains clean!   

Storm Drain Label

The illegal dumping of garbage and pollutants into our storm drains causes a chain reaction of damage that must be stopped. Motor oil, cigarette butts, and other garbage dumped and washed into the storm drains are visible eyesores that are strangling the Delta. Equally damaging are invisible silent killers such as insecticides and chemicals in dirt that's carried by rainwater into the Delta. 

Litter Travels Campaign Banner

For more information check out the City of Pittsburg's "Keep the Delta Alive: Stop Storm Drain Pollution" brochure [PDF].


How Can You Help?

Participate in City Cleanup Programs
As a part of the Clean Water Program we provide opportunities such as The Great Pittsburg Cleanup and Pittsburg's Adopt-A-Spot. These are a great way to make a positive impact and volunteer your time in your community. Creek cleanup groups around the bay area and in Pittsburg have found items like cigarette butts, paper, cans, old toys, and even shopping carts.  

Educate Yourself and Your Community
The links below provide great tips and information on waste reduction, recycling, alternative lawn care, and more:

Did you know? Plastic is not biodegradable and very little of it (less than 4%) is recycled. Because it is durable and lightweight, plastic debris travels over vast distances and accumulates on beaches and in the ocean. The majority of marine debris is plastic. In the Central North Pacific Gyre, pieces of plastic outweigh surface zooplankton by a factor of 6 to 1. Fish and seabirds mistake plastic for food. Plastic debris release chemical additives and plasticizer into the ocean. For more information check out the  website.

Bay Friendly Landscaping for Professionals

bay friendly landscaping logo Bay-Friendly Landscaping is a whole system approach to the design construction and maintenance of a landscape in order to support the integrity of our local creeks and the Delta. A well designed and maintained native garden can cost much less in the long run by using less water and fertilizer, and needing less attention.

For information for Landscape Professionals visit our and keep up to date on clean water policies by checking out the Clean Water Policy page.

To find a Bay Friendly Qualified Landscape Professional for your home visit

For information on Contra Costa Water District's Water Efficient Landscape Rebate Program visit

Spare the Air

Spare the Air logo

Did you know that keeping the air clean is a vital part of keeping our Delta and creeks clean too? Water and air are directly connected through the water cycle, meaning that pollutants released into the air can contaminate our water supply by falling down as rain. That is why California's Spare the Air program is so important.

There are several ways you can sign-up and stay informed when alerts are issued for the Bay Area including email, Facebook, and Twitter. For more information visit

New Development/C.3

Are you a developer or contractor looking for more information on Provision C.3 and Stormwater Control Plans? Please use the following links:

Contact Us

For more information on the City’s NPDES Program, please contact the City NPDES Coordinator:

Jolan Longway, Civil Engineer II/NPDES Coordinator
Phone: (925) 252-4930

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