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Keller Canyon Landfill

The Keller Canyon Landfill (KCL) is located at 901 Bailey Road, in unincorporated Contra Costa County. Keller Canyon Landfill is not under the authority of the City of Pittsburg.  Regulatory oversight is under the jurisdiction of Contra Costa County. 

The County Local Enforcement Agency (LEA) is responsible for the landfill's Solid Waste Facility Permit and their day to day operations at the site.  This includes monitoring the number of tons accepted, odor issues, litter, vector, traffic, load inspections, operation of equipment on site, gas monitoring, cover of material disposed of, etc. to name a few items.

The County Department of Conservation and Development is responsible for the landfill's Land Use Permit (LUP).  The LUP is a document or permit that has conditions and provisions on how the land will be used in relation to environmental laws, general plan guidelines, and other planning decisions which requires local political approval.  Some of the conditions in the LUP but not limited to are: landfill improvements and design, site service requirements such as water, site security, etc., groundwater protection, air quality protection, direct haul requirements, noise control, visual conditions, litter control, vector control, public health and safety measures.  The LUP undergoes permit review to ensure compliance with the conditions of their permit.  As part of this oversight, they are the agency responsible for documenting issues that may violate conditions in the LUP for Keller Canyon Landfill. For more information, click on this link to access the County's website regarding Keller Canyon Landfill LUP.

If there are issues associated with landfills operation, it needs to be reported to the County officially.  The County needs to document these sources directly and not through the City.  The County is supposed to notify the City of LUP reviews of other operational issues related to the landfill and to discuss these issues.

Odor Complaints
Submit on-line or call (925) 674-7203 to request local investigation.

Complaints about odor, dust and air pollution can be filed with the Air District 24-hours a day using their General Air Pollution & Odor Complaint page or calling their toll-free hotline at 1-800-334-ODOR (6367).

Contact Contra Costa Environmental Health, William Eric Fung, R.E.H.S. (LEA) (925) 692-2538.

Other Complaints (Litter, Vector, Noise, Dust, etc.)
Call (925) 674-7203 to request local investigation or contact David Brockbank email.

Contact Contra Costa Environmental Health, William Eric Fung, R.E.H.S. (LEA) (925) 692-2538.


Residents can contact the City if they have concerns related to the landfill or feel that issues reported to the County are not being acted upon. Email here or call (925) 252-4114.  


Last updated: 11/28/2017 9:17:31 AM