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  1. Food truck
    a. Health permit
    b. Department of Vehicles registration
    c. Vehicle insurance
    d. Valid CA driver’s license
  2. Massage Therapist –
    a. California Massage Therapy Council (CAMTC) Certificate
    b. Valid CA driver’s license
  3. Taxi Cabs
    a. Approved Taxi Permit from Police Dept - for new applications only
    b. Vehicle Inspection from Police Dept. –To renew your business license schedule an inspection
    by calling the Police Department at (925) 252-4164
    c. Dept. of Vehicles registration
    d. Vehicle insurance
    e. Valid CA driver’s license for the owner and additional cab drivers.
  4. Food handling , preparation, catering, baking and pre packaged food
    a. Health Permit – Cottage Food Registration for home kitchen
    b. Health Permit – Regular for commercial kitchen or pre packaged food
  5. Restaurants and Bars
    a. Health Permit
    b. Alcohol and Beverage License - for those that serves alcohol
  6. Liquor Stores
    a. Alcohol and Beverage License
    b. Health permit if there is a deli or cooked food section
  7. Trucking Business
    a. Dept. of Motor Vehicle – DMV Carrier’s Permit
  8. Child & Adult Group Home Care - license is needed for 6 or more clients
    a. Community Care License from the Dept of Social Services
    b. Community care home for less than six have an option to apply or not apply for a business
    license. Planning doesn’t require a home occupation permit. Currently we do not charge the
    business taxes, they just pay the administration fee so we will have them in our records . For
    adult of child group home care with 6 and more clients business license and home occupation
    permit or business permit is required by our City.
  9. Nonprofit organizations -
    a. Non Profit status Copy of IRS 501 C 3 – copy of the IRS letter
    b. Or Tax Exempt letter from Franchise Tax Board
    c. Or By-Laws of the organization
    d. List of persons soliciting door to door with copies of their Driver’s License for door to door
    solicitor. Link PMC 9.52.010 and 9.52.020
  10. Veterans Waiver - for veterans who sell any goods wares or merchandise owned by the veteran except spirituous, malt, or other intoxicating liquor, including sales from a fix location. If their business is engaged in service they are not eligible for exemption.
    a. copy of honorary discharge - Certificate of Release DD214 Form
    b. CA ID or Driver’s license - to verify the name.
  11. Retail Firearm -
    a. Retail Firearm Dealer’s License – approved and issued by the Police Dept. a
    b. Certificate of Eligibility from Department of Justice
    c. Federal Firearms License
    d. Copy of Seller’s Permit from State Board of Equalization
  12. Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker License - Need to apply for a Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker License. This process is done through the Business License division.
    a. Fill out the Application for Secondhand Dealer or Pawnbroker License
    b. Request for Live Scan Service
    c. A money order of $300.00

Upon completion and submission of the application to the City, we then forward this to the Department of Justice and wait for them to issue the certificate. They will mail the Second Dealer License to the Police Department. The Police Department and the Business License Division will keep a copy and the original will be mailed to the business license holder with his Business License Certificate.

Last updated: 3/12/2014 3:33:57 PM