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Expand/Contract Questions and Answers

Does a business license need to be renewed? If so, when and how?
A Business License for the City of Pittsburg is subject to renewal once a year. The Business License Division mails a renewal packet for all the existing business licenses in our files. Your business license renewal is due by January 31 and delinquent by February 1. Renewal forms with appropriate attachment and fee payment must be returned by February 1st of the following year to avoid a late payment penalty. If the payment for renewal is received after February 1st the renewal becomes delinquent and subject to a 10% penalty per month up to a maximum of 50%.
May I apply for my license through the mail?
Yes. You can download the business application form from the Business License Division section of this website, request for it to be mailed (or emailed) to you, or you may pick up an application on the second floor of City Hall. Complete and mail the application along with your payment to the address printed on the form.
How much does a business license cost?
For new business license it is based on estimated annual gross receipts. We strongly recommend that you use the electronic Business License Calculator available on the City website. Another option is to refer the fee schedule and detailed fee explanation on the back of the Business License Application form.
Do I need a Business License even if my business is not located in the City of Pittsburg?
Yes. All entities and persons doing business in the City of Pittsburg (including subcontractors) are required to have a current Business License. This includes home-based businesses, as well as those in commercial areas. It also includes non-Pittsburg businesses that come into Pittsburg to provide services or deliver goods for a fee. A Business License must be obtained prior to commencing business operation.
Can I use my business license to do business in another city?
No. This license is for doing business in the incorporated area of the City of Pittsburg. Should you plan on doing business in another city, you MUST contact that city in order to obtain their requirements for a business license.
How can I verify if a business operating in Pittsburg has a current business license?
You may telephone the Business License Division at (925) 252-4955 and provide the name and/or street location of the business. The Business License Clerk will verify whether or not the business has a current business license.
What does it cost to replace my business license?
It costs $5.00 to obtain a replacement copy of your Business License.
I have a business license that was issued by Contra Costa County. Why do I need another business license?
The Contra Costa County Business License only allows you to operate in the unincorporated areas of Contra Costa County and is not valid for business operations conducted within the City of Pittsburg. You will need to obtain a separate business license to operate within the City of Pittsburg.
Does having a Pittsburg business license alone allow me to conduct business in the City of Pittsburg?
No. You must also comply with any and all regulations that pertain to your business and location, including zoning, health and safety, etc. The Business License is only an indication that you have completed the application and paid the fee for the term of the respective business license.