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How is a mechanical violation signed off?

Bring the citation and the cited vehicle to the Pittsburg Police Department after the violation has been corrected. The cited vehicle will then be inspected and if the violation is corrected the citation will be signed off by a police officer.

Pittsburg resident Inspection Fee - $59.00
Non-Resident Inspection Fee - $59.00

How do I go about getting a copy of my crime report? What does it cost?
We accept requests by mail, walk-in, and fax. Records staff will contact you by telephone, e-mail, fax or United States mail to advise you of the fees for this service. Requests will not be mailed unless all fees have been paid in advance. Your request for information is normally processed and mailed within ten (10) business days.

Please note: Victims of crimes, their legal representative, or their insurance carriers are entitled to receive a copy of a crime report; refer Government Code 6254(f). If you were involved in a crime but you are not the victim, contact our office to learn how and when these documents can be obtained.
My child is under 18 years old and was involved in a crime. How can I obtain a copy of the crime report?
The Pittsburg Police Department cannot directly release information pertaining to a juvenile involved in a crime. Before being released, a "Juvenile Release" form must be filled out. The Judge of the Juvenile Court will review your request and the crime report. Once the Judge’s decision (approx. 10 business days) is made, records staff will mail the crime report or the decision not to release as prescribed by the judge. Requests will not be processed unless fees have been paid in advance.
How does my restraining order get recorded?
At the end of each court day, Monday through Friday, at 5:00 p.m. all restraining order documents executed that business day in Contra Costa County are delivered to the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department Records Unit and records staff make the required entries into the Domestic Violence Restraining Order System of the State.
How can I find out if I have a warrant for my arrest?
We do not provide warrant information to the public. Contact the court of jurisdiction for additional information.
How do I find out if someone is in custody?
Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Custody Services Bureau handles all in-custody inmate information. They can be reached at (925) 646-4496, 24 hours a day 7 days per week.
Where is the courthouse located?
The courthouse is located at 1000 Center Drive in Pittsburg. This information is also located at the bottom of the citation.
How much is this ticket?
The courts set the bail schedule that determines the fine amount. Information on the bail amount can be found by contacting Delta Superior Court at (925) 427-8170.
Is this ticket going to affect my insurance?
A moving violation may affect your insurance. Contacting Delta Superior Court at (925) 427-8170 can give you information on whether a violation will go on your driving record and/or affect your insurance.
How do I know if this violation is a point on my record?
Contacting Delta Superior Court at (925) 427-8170 can give you information on whether a violation will go on your driving record.
How do I get my vehicle released if it is impounded on a 30-day hold?
You must schedule an impound hearing with the Traffic Unit Sergeant at (925) 252-4980. The Traffic Unit Sergeant will determine if the vehicle can be released before the 30-day hold.
How long do I have to get the violation corrected?
A mechanical violation has to be corrected immediately and signed off before the court date listed at the bottom portion of the citation. Continuing to drive the vehicle without correcting the violation may result in additional citations.
Can I wear my seatbelt under my arm?
No, the lap/shoulder seatbelt is designed and safety tested to be worn across the shoulder. This is to prevent the upper body from moving forward during an impact. Improper wearing of your seat beat is the same violation as not wearing your seat belt at all.
How do we get speed humps or stop signs on our street?
Contact the City Engineering Department for any roadway changes or sign request. Engineering personnel will do a study or traffic count to see if any changes are needed. You can reach the City Engineering Department at (925) 252-4930.
What can I do about speeding vehicles on my street?
Contact the Traffic Unit at (925) 252-4980 to report any traffic problems. Traffic Officers will be assigned to monitor and enforce any violations. A speed trailer may also be placed on the street to display vehicle speeds.
I drive a large truck for a living. Can I park my truck in front of my house overnight?
No vehicle over 7500 lbs can be parked on city streets unless it is making a delivery. Commercial vehicles can be cited for being parked off a truck route. At this time there are no overnight parking areas for commercial vehicles in the city.
Can I be cited for parking in a handicapped parking space?
To park in a handicap parking space, you must have a disabled placard to hang from your rear view mirror or a DMV issued disabled license plate. Relatives or family members cannot use the placard to park in the handicap space unless the person the placard or license plate was issued to is with them in the vehicle.
Are pocket bikes or go-carts allowed on the street?
No vehicle or motorcycle may be operated on city streets unless it can be registered with the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). The exceptions are electric or gas powered scooters, which have several requirements.
What are the rules for electric/gas powered scooters on the street?
You must be 16 years old, possess a valid drivers license or driver’s permit and wear an approved bicycle helmet. You may not carry any items on the scooter while riding it. You may not ride the scooter on a street where the posted speed limit is greater that 25 MPH unless there is a designated bike lane on the roadway. You may not exceed 15 MPH. Scooters must be walked when crossing the street.
Can I get a ticket for riding my bicycle on the street?
Bicycle riders must obey the same rules and regulations as motor vehicles. This includes riding in the same direction as traffic and obeying all traffic signs and signals.
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