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The City of Pittsburg has many exciting programs targeted at helping the environment and educating the community on easy ways to be more "Green." The Environmental Affairs Division is here to provide resources, tips, and events to promote lifestyle changes that will bring about a happier, healthier, more beautiful Pittsburg.

City of Pittsburg Recycling Program


The City of Pittsburg has been actively working with residents and businesses to find new ways to Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. The State of California Solid Waste Management Act required all cities to reduce their waste by 50% by the year 2000. To help maintain Pittsburg's successful reduction and prepare for potential further reductions in the future, this web site provides many tips, resources, and opportunities to:

  • Reduce - Minimize the amount you have to throw away by not creating trash in the first place.
  • Reuse - Give your old stuff new life by finding creative uses for it or by donating it to a worthy cause.
  • Recycle - Pittsburg residents have a great expanded recycling service and easy access to recycling and collection facilities for almost any item.

Composting and Vermicomposting

Reuse your yard waste, food scraps, and other organic waste in a simple way that could save you money and add life to your garden. It's easy and convenient!

Did you Know?
Waste causes global warming. When organic materials (like paper, food waste, and yard waste) slowly decompose in a landfill environment, it produces the greenhouse gas methane. And not recycling glass, plastic, and metals means these materials have to be extracted from nature, which is uses more energy, destroys lands, and creates greenhouse gases.

Learn more about Greenhouse Gases and Climate Action in Pittsburg

Activities by Pittsburg residents and businesses contribute to global warming, or "climate change". Mainly, these activities include transportation, energy use, and waste, which all create greenhouse gases. Visit the City's Climate Action web pages to learn more about local greenhouse gas emissions, follow the development of a local "Climate Action Plan" to reduce these emissions, and find resources to take immediate action.

Learn more about:

Environmental Leaders

Thank you to Pittsburg businesses that have done their part to help better our environment!

Green Business Program Certified Businesses (as of April 2012)

Links to local environmental resources:



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For comments, to share tips, or information you would like to see, e-mail us at:

Brochures Available:

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Engage - Create Affordable Energy and Less Waste in Your World [PDF]


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Keep the Delta Alive. Stop Storm Drain Pollution!!  (English & Spanish) [PDF]



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Battery Recycling and You  (English & Spanish) [PDF]


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It's Your Delta - Keep Toxins Out (English & Spanish) [PDF]



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Safe & Simple Disposal of Sharps (English & Spanish) [PDF]



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What You Should Know About Mercury. Protect Your Home and Family. (English & Spanish) [PDF]



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