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There are lots of ways to help besides just reducing your waste and preventing pollution, here are just a few suggestions:

 Landscaping Practices and Water Quality

Beneficial Garden BugsUse beneficial bugs, safe pesticides, and other alternative landscaping practices....... Incorporate Integrated Pest Management (IPM) practices in your lawn, garden, home and business. IPM practices include the use of biological and physical alternatives for pest prevention and control, instead of using chemicals.Toxic chemicals found in pesticides, insecticides, and fertilizer can be washed into the Delta with the rain water and cause serious harm to our wild plant and animal life. There are plenty of alternative methods to traditional products such as attracting beneficial bugs, preventing insects in your home, using dilute soap solutions. For more information on safe and alternative practices check out the City's Safe Pesticide, Insecticide, and Fertilizer page.

Use compost, organic fertilizer and practice grasscycling....... If your lawn or garden is in need of additional nutrients, consider using compost  from your own food scraps or purchased from Mt Diablo Recycling. Grasscycling is another great and easy source of nutrients and simply involves not picking up that grass clippings that land on your lawn. For more information go the City's Safe Pesticide, Insecticide, and Fertalizer page.

Use minimun/more efficient irrigation practices....... Excessive irrigation can contribute to pesticides flowing into the storm drains, creek, and bay. On December 20, 2010 the City of Pittsburg revised the City’s previously adopted water-efficient landscape ordinance in recognition of the mandate in Assembly Bill 1881(Laird) and in accordance with the State Department of Water Resources’ model water efficient landscape ordinance intended to ensure the conservation of water in irrigated landscaped areas. The revised ordinance outlines the current standards and requirements for projects creating or rehabilitating landscaping. See Pittsburg Municipal Code (PMC) Section 18.84.31 for project applicability.


Recycle OilRecycle your used motor oil....... Don't dump your used oil into the storm drains! This oil will not be treated by the sewer system it will directly impact our drinking water and wildlife. There are several locations in Pittsburg that accept used motor oil for recycling and the City offers a free oil storage container. To get yours call 252-4129.

Mr. FunnelheadBe an Oil Buster! Check out the Mr. Funnelhead website for:

- A list of places that collect used motor oil
- A list of disposal services the offer curbside pickup
- To report illegal dumping
- Information on educational programs in your area
- Mr. Funnelhead videos, art contest, and photos

battery recyclingRecycle old batteries....... Batteries thrown away in landfills can release harmful toxins such as mercury and cadmium into the the environment. Plus its illegal in California.  Recycling your used household batteries is easy, either take them in to the Delta Hazardous Household Waste Collection Facility with the rest of your hazardous waste material (cleaners, oil based paints, pesticides, etc.) or call for a curbside pickup if you have Pittsburg Disposal.

Recycle and properly dispose of Mercury and Copper products....... Mercury is a naturally occurring element that can be found in many household products such as thermometers, fluorescent bulbs, and thermostats. However, it can be very dangerous and toxic to the environment if these items are not cared for or disposed of properly. Copper is another element found in many households, typically in old plumbing, that when disposed of improperly can breakdown and cause environmental damage and harm to natural wildlife. Take items with these and other harmful toxins to our local collection facility: the Delta Household Hazardous Waste Collection Facility. For more information on mercury products and proper care in your home check out the City's "What you should know about mercury" brochure [PDF].

Fishing Line Recycling ContainerRecycle your used fishing lines: Reel In and Recycle....... Fishing lines can take up to 500 years to breakdown. During that time they can entangle wildlife causing severe injuries and even death. They can also ensnare boat propellers creating costly repairs. Pittsburg Marina will soon be getting replacements for their recycled fishing line containers. Do your part and dispose of your used lines in these specially labeled containers. The lines are sent to the Berkeley Conservation Institute for recycling and reuse. For more information on the fishing line recycling program visit

Report illegal dumping in your area....... If you see someone polluting our water by disposing of trash, oil, or anything else call (925) 252-4936

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