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Climate Action Catches on in Pittsburg!

The City of Pittsburg invites the community to participate in its Climate Action program and find useful tips on its new Facebook page about “Living Green”.

While global climate change is indeed a global problem, many solutions are simple and local. Recognizing this, many local governments – cities and counties – have created their own programs to deal with their contributions to climate change. Pittsburg joined Contra Costa County and its neighboring cities to form the Contra Costa County Climate Leaders program and has been developing its local Climate Action program since 2007. The purpose of the program is to identify and reduce local sources of “greenhouse gases” – the gases scientists identify as the cause of climate change.

As one may imagine, the vast majority of greenhouse gases in Pittsburg are generated by heavy industry, and mainly the power plants. The local community has little to no control over these, because the power generated in Pittsburg serves a much larger region than Pittsburg alone. Another relatively large source of emissions that is not locally controlled is traffic on Highway 4, which also serves the larger region.

The greenhouse gases generated directly by the local community – its residents and businesses – are almost evenly distributed among energy used by homes, energy used by commercial buildings, and emissions from vehicles on local roads. These are the emissions that the local Pittsburg community can control directly and immediately. With actions like weather stripping, insulating, upgrading appliances and lighting, installing solar panels, driving a fuel efficient or electric vehicle, and biking and walking locally, Pittsburg could dramatically cut its local emissions while creating a healthier, more comfortable community.

“It’s a win-win situation” says Laura Wright, Senior Administrative Analyst in the City's Public Works Department. “The actions that help reduce climate change are the same actions that build a clean and safe community. Many of these actions also help people save on their utility bills and gas costs.” Wright also points out that there are many upcoming Federal and State funds and incentives that will benefit local communities and individuals, if they stay informed and take advantage of them. To help the Pittsburg community stay up-to-date on rebates and other opportunities as they develop, the City has launched a Facebook page called “City of Pittsburg | Living Green”. The page features helpful tips for everyday “green” actions, news links, and local resources. It is interactive, with commenting and sharing capability for all of its “fans”.

2010 will be a big year for the City’s Climate Action program, as it takes on the task of developing a local Climate Action Plan. This will require input and support from the community. Community workshop dates will be announced through eNews and posted on the Facebook page. The workshops will be an opportunity to learn more about the subject, share ideas, and offer feedback on various proposed strategies.
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Last updated: 12/22/2009 3:51:33 PM