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Public Works

City Traffic SignalThe Public Works Department maintains fifty (50) traffic signals within Pittsburg. However, traffic signal “timing” (how long a specific signal will remain green for example) is established by the Engineering Service Department. To save on electrical cost the Public Works Department converted all of the City’s traffic signal green and red lights to Light Emitting Diode (LED) technology. The red and green lights operate the longest and therefore use the most electricity. Utilizing LED lights not only saves money, but they also last much longer. Therefore, overall maintenance cost is reduced by also reducing the labor cost to replace burned out incandescent light bulbs.

The City has also equipped almost all of it’s traffic signals with battery backup systems (BBS). A BBS can keep a traffic signal operating in the all way red flash mode during a power failure. With some City traffic signals the combination of the latest (newer BBS technology and the LED lights mentioned above, will allow the signal to operate normally for up to four hours without PG&E power.

All suspected traffic signal malfunctions should be reported the Public Works Department at (925) 252-4936. If you have questions about signal “timing” you can also report these concerns to the Engineering Services Department.

Last updated: 12/11/2009 3:46:20 PM