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    In 1989 California adopted AB 939 which required a 50% reduction in solid waste by the year 2000. The City of Pittsburg has successfully achieved this goal on a citywide basis and works daily to maintain our high reduction rate. However, now there is a potential that the state may increase the necessary reduction rate to 75%. While this would be a great victory for the environment and reducing landfill space, it will require a larger effort on the part of the city and its citizens to accomplish.

    The good news is that the biggest portion of waste being disposed of in our precious landfill space is yard material such as grass clippings, tree leaves and plant trimmings. In East Contra Costa County, 25% of the residential waste stream is yard waste. One of the easiest ways to reduce yard waste and save money is COMPOSTING.

What is composting? 
    Composting is a naturally occurring process that breaks down organic material (yard materials and vegetable wastes) into a soil-like material. Finished compost is an excellent soil enhancer and mulch that improves soil structure as well as adds some nutrients. All organic materials will break down eventually if given the proper environmental conditions. Mixing compost into soil improves the soil's texture, and increases its ability to hold air and water. By reducing evaporation, composting allows your landscaping to use less water.

    Composting is also better for the environment because it doesn't contain harmful ingredients that can be washed into our Delta and streams during rain storms. For more information about storm drains and the dangers of using fertilizers visit the City's Stormwater page.

What is Vermicomposting?
    Vermicompost is type of composting utilizing worms and microorganisms to achieve the desired break down of your organic material. The most commonly used worms are earthworms.

compostfoodIs composting difficult? 
    NO! There is a method and style of composting to suit every lifestyle -- it all depends on how much time and effort you want to devote to the process. Even if you live in an apartment, one can compost by using a worm box. Worm boxes use vegetable waste and produce an excellent material to use as potting soil. 

    The City of Pittsburg wants to make it even easier by offering FREE Composting Workshops. To learn how quick and easy home composting can be, attend one of our hands-on two-hour workshops. The workshop will discuss methods and products to design a composting technique to suit your needs.

Everyone attending will receive a free copy of Harmonious Technologies' Backyard Composting.

Where can I learn to Compost?
FREE Composting Classes (2012 Schedule)

March 14th 7 pm ~ 9 pm Location TBD
May 19th 9 am ~ 11 am Location TBD
June 30th 9 am ~ 11 am Location TBD
September 13th 7 pm ~ 9 pm Location TBD

Note: Workshops will consist of 90 minutes of basic composting and organics management. Worm and food waste only composting will be offered after the regular class for an additional 30 minutes to 1 hour.

City of Antioch Environmental Resource Line: 925-779-6137

Reservations are suggested as dates and locations are subject to change .

If you would like a copy of the "Grow it! Guide" and/or "Backyard Bugs" to learn more about safer alternatives to pesticides for your garden, CALL the City's Environmental Affairs Department at 252-4129.

Join us and we'll show you how easy and fun composting can be!

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