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Preferential Residential Permit Parking Application Form [PDF]

Purpose of PRPP

In order to protect the health, safety and welfare of residents of areas affected by long-term nonresident parking, and to protect and promote the integrity of these areas, the City of Pittsburg has established a preferential residential permit-parking (PRPP) program. This program will enable residents of qualifying areas to purchase permits that will allow them and their guests to park on the street during time periods that parking is otherwise restricted. By limiting the amount of on-street parking that is available to commuter and other non-residents, the PRPP program will reduce noise, traffic hazards, litter, and air pollution. In addition, the program will encourage the use of car pools and public transit by restricting the use of on-street parking spaces by nonresidents, while making them available to resident commuters who want to leave their vehicles at home.

Identifying Potential PRPP Areas

The City Engineer will find and determine if an area is eligible for PRPP. A resolution will be drafted establishing it as a PRPP area. The resolution will specify the following:

  1. The boundaries of the area, 
  2. The appropriate parking restriction for the area; and 
  3. The period of the day and the days of the week that the parking restriction will be in effect; and 
  4. The beginning date of the first 12-month-period, or permit year, for which parking permits for the area will be in effect.

The City Council of the City of Pittsburg will then conduct a public hearing on the proposed PRPP area. Notice of the hearing to all owners of real property as shown on the latest equalized assessment roll within 300 feet of the area that is the subject of the hearing. If the number of owners to whom a notice would be mailed or delivered is greater than 1000, a local agency, in lieu of mailed or delivered notice, may provide notice by placing a display advertisement in a least one newspaper of general circulation within the local agency in which the proceeding is conducted at least 10 days prior to the hearing.

If the notice is mailed or delivered, it shall also be published in at least one newspaper of general circulation within the local agency that is conducting the proceeding at least 10 days prior to the hearing. In addition, it shall also be posted at least 10 days prior to the hearing in at least three public places within the boundaries of the local agency, including at least one public place in the area directly affected.

At any time after a resolution establishing a PRPP area is adopted, the City may conduct surveys and studies to evaluated the area’s continuing eligibility for PRPP. At any time after a resolution establishing a PRPP area is adopted, the City Engineer may recommend that the area’s PRPP designation be modified or rescinded. A public hearing, for which advance notice will be posted, will be held before the City Engineers recommendation is made to City Council. At any time after a resolution establishing a PRPP area is adopted, the City Engineer may modify or rescind the area’s designation.

Parking Permit Eligibility

To qualify for a PRPP permit, a person must furnish proof of residency in a PRPP area and ownership or continuing custody of a motor vehicle. Proof of residency can consist of, but is not limited to, a driver’s license, rent receipt, or utility bill, which identifies the applicant as a resident of a dwelling unit in the area. Proof of vehicle ownership or continuing custody can consist of, but is not limited to, a vehicle registration certificate or vehicle lease agreement. A PRPP permit may also be issued for a vehicle owned or leased by person who owns or leases commercial property and engages in business activity within the PRPP area.

A maximum of three resident permits may be issued to each dwelling unit or business in a PRPP area. Each permit is valid only for the vehicle, the twelvemonth period, and the PRPP area for which it is issued. Permits are renewable annually, and verification of both current residency and vehicle ownership is required for renewals.

The City may revoke the permit(s) of any person or vehicle known to the City to no longer be eligible for a permit.

Issuing PRPP Permits

The City will issue permits within fifteen working days of receiving a valid application from residents. Permits for a PRPP area cannot be used until appropriate signs have been installed.

PRPP Guest Permits

Each dwelling unit that has been issued at least one PRPP permit is eligible for two guest permits. Residents of PRPP area who live in dwelling units in which no members have obtained permits can receive two guest permits by providing proof or residency of one of its members.


There is no current annual fee for each permit. The annual fees for a permit are established by resolution of the City Council.


Any resident of an area that had been deemed ineligible for PRPP by the City Engineer and any person who had been denied a permit for a PRPP area or has had a permit revoked may file a written appeal to the city clerk for a hearing before the City Council.

Any such appeal must be made within fourteen (14) calendar days following the decision.

The City Council will set a hearing to consider the appeal at the earliest possible regularly scheduled city council meeting. Written notification of the hearing time and date will be given to the appellant and any interested person(s) requesting such notification.

The city council, after receiving and considering all testimony and pertinent documents may: 

  1. Uphold the City Engineer’s decision; or 
  2. Approve the appeal; or 
  3. Modify the City Engineer’s decision, consistent with the requirements of this chapter.

Permit Parking Exemptions

Any motor vehicle which displays a valid PRPP permit may stand or be parked in the restricted area without being limited by parking restrictions established for the purpose of preventing or limiting nonresident parking. A vehicle with a valid PRPP permit is not exempt for any other traffic controls and regulations that may exist in a PRPP area. A PRPP permit neither guarantees nor reserves an on-street parking space within the PRPP area to the permit holder.

The following types of vehicle, when under the control of a person who is providing services to property in the PRPP area, may stand or be parked in the area without being limited by parking restrictions established for the purpose of preventing or limiting nonresident parking:

  1. Any emergency vehicle, including but not limited to, and ambulance, fire engine or police vehicle. 
  2. Any delivery, utility, or service vehicle. 
  3. Any vehicle that displays a handicap plate or placard is also exempt form PRPP parking restrictions.

Posting of PRPP Areas

After receiving valid permit applications from residents of at least 25% of the dwelling units in a designated PRPP area, the City will install appropriate signs in the area which will prominently indicate parking time limits or prohibitions, times of day and days of the week during which it applies, and conditions under which vehicles with permits will be exempt. There will be a 14 day warning period after the signs are installed during which motor vehicles without permits will not be sited.


It is unlawful and a violation of the City of Pittsburg Municipal Code for any person to do or cause to be done any of the following:

  1. To stand or park a motor vehicle without a properly displayed current permit in violation of a signed parking restriction in a PRPP area; 
  2. To falsely represent himself or herself as eligible for a parking permit or to furnish false information in an application for a permit; 
  3. To permit the user or display of, or to use or display, a valid parking permit on a motor vehicle. 
  4. To copy, reproduce, or otherwise bring into existence a facsimile or counterfeit residential guest-parking permit. 
  5. To knowingly use or a facsimile or counterfeit resident or guest permit in order to evade a prohibition or time limitation on parking applicable in the permit parking area; 
  6. To sell, give, or exchange a valid parking permit issued under this chapter to any other person;

Contact Us

Call the City’s Engineering Division, Design Traffic Section at (925) 252-4930 with any questions about the program.

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