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Development Services

Construction and Permit Service during COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order

Building Permit Services, Inspections and Building Code Enforcement
During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place Order

The Permit Center is Closed to the public at this time and limited staff is working at separate remote locations for the day to day operation of the Building Division. Permit processing, Issuing and Electronic Plan reviews are being accepted and performed. However, due to the vast number of applications received and limited remotely located staff, expect up to 30 days to process.

Emailing for status of your permit will and is slowing the process. We will notify you when your fees and/or permit is ready. DUPLICATE EMAILS REGARDING UPDATES WILL NOT BE ANSWERED.


When submitting your application be sure you have attached the following:
• A complete application
• A completed contractor’s declaration or homeowner’s declaration
• If you are a contractor, please be sure your City of Pittsburg Business License is updated prior to submitting. For questions please see the Business License page listed below.
• Your have attached any required California Energy Commission Form, i.e.: CFIR for Mechanical or Roofing.
• At this time permits fees must be paid by check made out to the City of Pittsburg - Instructions for payment will be emailed upon processing of application
• If submitting for Residential or Commercial additions or major alterations digital plans will be required for plan review. Please reference city requirements for submittal of plans to the building division. Plans that do not meet these requirements will be returned as an incomplete submittal AND MAY DELAY YOUR PROJECT UP TO 45 DAYS

**Any submittals missing the required documents will be returned to the sender as incomplete. You will be requested to resubmit all required documents in one email. YOUR INCOMPLETE MAIL WILL NOT BE SAVED. This will result in further delays to issuing your permit**

Please see below for applications and forms.  

Building Permit Application - Fillable Form

Contractors Declaration - Fillable Form

Home Owners Declaration -Fillable Form

Building Permit Submittal Checklist - Residential Additions

Please email all complete FULLY FILLED OUT documents TO

Any questions about inspections, permit issuance, job card sign offs to the Building Inspectors. Building Inspectors can be reached at:

** Building Division Supervisor/Sr.Code Enforcement Officer
KC Kampton
(925) 252-4913

Sr. Combination Building Inspector
Danny Griffin
(925) 252-4041

** Building Inspector
Zach Coan
(925) 252-4164

Building Inspections Process During COVID-19 Shelter-in-Place

• The City will begin preforming inspections May 4, 2020.

• Due to the expected surge in demand, inspections called in will be scheduled withing the following 2 business days. We anticipate using a 48-hour window of scheduling from May 4th -May 18th with possible extensions TBD. Inspections can be requested on the Building Division Inspection hotline (925) 252-4907

• The inspections will be posted daily on the Building Divisions page under “Today’s Inspections” and this link
Please check to here after 8am to confirm your inspections for the day.

• At this time, due to limited resources, Solar companies will be allowed to call in a maximum of 2 separate inspections per day. Solar companies may opt to request “no host” Inspections provided plans, permit, job card and smoke/ co form is on site.

• Inspections will be limited to exterior only or work performed in garages. The garage door shall remain fully open at all time during the inspection

• Request for interior inspections must be made via email to Internal inspections will be performed at the discretion of the inspector.

• You are required to be present with the permit, job card and any approved plans on the job site for the inspections. If all required documents are not at the job site at the time of the inspection the inspections will not be performed.

• Please abide by all CCCH social distancing guidelines while inspection is being performed.


• The City is continuing to perform Limited Building Code Enforcement for fire-life-safety related items only. Reference HSC 17920.3

• Inspectors reserve the right to refuse an inspection to anyone for any reason. Inspectors will have the full support of the Building Inspections Supervisor on any decision they make, especially if related to COVID-19 virus and their health risk.

• Even while the County Health Order is in effect, a permit must be obtained prior to any construction commencing

• Any construction done without a permit will be considered new construction, subject to the inspection limitations written up and may be the subject of a complaint filed with the District Attorney’s Office.

• Please see COVID-19 Construction & Permit Table.

• To report a Code violation or get more information on our Building Code Enforcement services call (925) 252-4910 or visit

What construction is allowed under the (update of 5/04/2020) 
California State Public Health Officer Order and 
Contra Costa County Health Officer Order 

Updated of 5/04/2020 

** THIS NEW ORDER WILL GO INTO EFFECT ON SUNDAY MAY 03 at 11:59pm, and will remain in effect until 11:59 pm on Sunday May 31, 2020, unless the Health Officer amends or extends it. This Order amends, clarifies, and extends certain terms of the Prior Order to ensure continued social distancing and limit person-to-person contact to reduce the rate of transmission of Novel Coronavirus Disease 2019 (“COVID-19”). This Order continues to restrict most activity, travel, and governmental and business functions. All individuals currently living within the County are ordered to shelter at their place of residence.

**For the purposes of this Order, individuals may leave their residence only to perform the following “Essential Activities.” But people at high risk of severe illness from COVID-19 and people who are sick are strongly urged to stay in their residence to the extent possible, except as necessary to seek or provide medical care or Essential Governmental Functions.

**For purposes of this Order, “Essential Businesses “are (not all-inclusive list, only as applies to Building)

v). Construction, but only pursuant to the Construction Safety Protocols listed in Appendix B-1 or Appendix B-2, whichever is applicable. Public works projects shall also be subject to Appendix B-1 or Appendix B-1, whichever is applicable, except if other protocols are specified by the Health Officer. Appendix B-1 and Appendix B-2 are incorporated into this Order by this reference.

xii). Plumbers, electricians, exterminators, and other service providers who provide services that are necessary to maintaining the habitability, sanitation, or operation of residences and Essential Businesses

j). For purposes of this Order, “residences” include hotels, motels, shared rental units and similar facilities. Residences also include living structures and outdoor spaces associated with those living structures, such as patios, porches, backyards, and front yards that are only accessible to a single family or household unit.

Appendix A – Social Distancing Protocol

Appendix B-1 – Small Construction Project Safety Protocol

Appendix B-2 – Large Construction Project Safety Protocol 


Last updated: 7/8/2020 5:38:31 PM